Eileen T. Dube, MAc, MS-PREP, LAc, DiplAc (NCCAOM)
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Harvesting Our Days

From the Autumn 2011 Newsletter:

As our Fall chores begin and we prepare to go within, I invite you to take a moment to let go and breathe.  In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), autumn is the season governed by the lungs (as well as the yang partner organ, the large intestine). Each organ in TCM has emotional, spiritual as well as physical aspects.  On the physical level, the lungs in TCM include what we typically think of as our lungs but there are some differences as well.  The lungs govern the skin and serve as the first line of defense for our immune systems.  So it is not uncommon to see an increase in allergies, asthma, and skin disorders in autumn, especially in people who have a weakness in their lungs.  And as we all know the autumn is also the time when we begin to see an increase in infections such as colds (yes, acupuncture can help with all of these situations).

Autumn is the time of harvesting and we are reminded of the cycle of our lives.  In many cultures this cycle is celebrated at this time of year (such as Halloween).  It is not surprising that on an emotional and spiritual level, the lungs in TCM are associated with letting go and grief.  The letting go aspect is not unlike the way that the trees surrender their leafs. Grief may be much like this as well, a process of letting go and acknowledgment of the seasons of life.

So at this time of year, we are reminded to breathe… perhaps by opening our arms wide, taking deep breath in and then letting it go.  If you try this, you will feel your lungs open up.  May your autumn be filled with good health and inner peace.

Yours in healing,