Eileen T. Dube, MAc, MS-PREP, LAc, DiplAc (NCCAOM)
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New Patients

Preparing for your first visit:

  • It is beneficial to eat 1-2 hours before treatment. I cannot treat you on an empty stomach or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  If you take any prescription medications, please take them as you would normally.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing, as I may have to needle around your elbows and knees.
  • Please download, complete and bring both of these forms with you and arrive 5 minutes before your appointment:

1. Health History Questionnaire

2. Policies & Fees 

(prices are subject to change)

If you have any difficulty with downloading or printing these forms, please let me know so I can plan on you arriving 30 minutes early. You will need the additional time before your first scheduled appointment to complete them in the office. I will need to know you are coming so I can ensure I am in the office when you arrive and that the paperwork is ready for you.

It is beneficial to provide a list of all medication you are currently on, and why you are taking it, as well as any vitamins, herbs, or other alternative medicine that you are using.

  • Bring in any doctor’s reports and lab results pertaining to your health condition.

New patient consultation takes about 1-1.5 hours and includes a thorough review of your health and medical history, and in-depth patient intake, pulse and tongue examination, palpation of abdomen according to Chinese medical diagnosis, treatment strategy, and an acupuncture treatment. Needles are retained during the acupuncture treatment to address your condition.

Subsequent visits

After your first visit, follow-up treatments are 45 minutes to 1 hour.The appointment consists of a check in, brief overview of progress, and followed by an acupuncture treatment.


I strongly encourage you to use these directions. They are helpful even for folks who have a GPS or know where the office park is because there are 3 buildings and a number of businesses.

How we protect your privacy

Please review our policy for a full description on how we protect your privacy: